7900 NE Killingsworth St
Portland, Oregon 97218

Property Name: Comcast East PDX Field Fulfillment Office
Product Type: Industrial
Size: 50,400 sf
Completed: 2016
Role: Developer

Specht Development, Inc. was selected by the Comcast Corporation in a competitive process to develop an approximately 50,400 SF facility in east Portland. The facility is intended to replace and improve upon an existing field fulfillment office and will allow Comcast to better serve its customer base on the east side of Portland. The facility includes approximately 25,000 SF of office space that will house employees from multiple divisions of Comcast. Specht assembled and led a project team that worked closely with Comcast and the neighborhood to successfully navigate a complex, multi-step, land use review process on a difficult site.

The project, built on top of what was previously a rock quarry and landfill, involved brownfield remediation, soil stability challenges, deliberate participation with neighborhood stakeholders, and coordination with a wide range of government agencies. The project was completed on time and on budget in September, 2016