15500 SW Beaverton Creek Ct
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

Property Name: Beaverton Creek Phase VI
Product Type: Office
Size: 50,000 sf
Completed: 2006
Role: Developer

This project was a build-to-suit office building for First Tech Federal Credit Union, an existing tenant in the Beaverton Creek Business Park. The 50,000 square foot building accommodated the back office needs of the organization and is similar to the First Tech Federal Credit Union Headquarters Building (known as Beaverton Creek Phase IV) located adjacent to this property. Construction was completed in December 2005.

The building is located in the Beaverton Creek Business Park, a 54 acre light industrial/flex park developed around the Beaverton Creek Max station. In addition to the Max station, there are six Tri-Met bus stops located within a one half mile radius of the park. Further, there are two large multi-family developments located immediately adjacent to the park, providing ample living opportunities just a short walk away.