150 E. Main Street
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Property Name: Hillsboro Civic Center
Product Type: Civic, Mixed Use, Sustainable Design
Size: 168,436 sf
Completed: 2005
Role: Developer

The City of Hillsboro Civic Center in downtown Hillsboro is an intricate complex on three city blocks spanning a MAX light rail line. The centerpiece is the City Hall and adjoining plazas, located at First Avenue and Main Street, but the mixed-use project also features 120 units of affordable and market rate apartments, commercial offices and retail space.

The five-story Class A office building serves as City Hall and includes the auditorium that also functions as the City Council chamber. The connecting two-story Plaza Building consists of 5,400 SF of ground floor retail space and 17,000 SF of Class A office space. The development consolidates numerous city agencies, and also provides a cultural center for Hillsboro residents and visitors.

Specht was required to design the project to achieve at least a Silver LEED® Certification. However, we attained a LEED® Gold rating by incorporating many unique sustainable elements within the building, including indirect lighting, superior energy efficiency, air quality monitoring, high levels of regional and recycled materials, a reflective roof system, high efficiency irrigation system, and enhancement of alternative transportation options. The Hillsboro Civic Center was only the second building of its type to receive this certification, joining Seattle’s City Hall as the two most sustainable City Halls in the country.