495 N. Holladay St.
Cornelius, Oregon 97113

Property Name: Myers Container
Product Type: Industrial
Size: 181,262 sf
Completed: 2020
Role: Owner, Property Manager

The Myers Container Project involves the acquisition and improvement of an existing 181,262 SF industrial building and associated yard area. The property is located on approximately 15.41 acres at 495 N. Holliday St., in Cornelius, Oregon, a submarket of the Portland Metropolitan area.

495 LLC (an affiliate of Specht Development, Inc.) purchased the property in February of 2020 for $11.5 million, and site improvements are expected to commence later this year. Specht Properties, Inc. is the property manager.

The property will be leased by two associated companies, Myers Container, LLC and Container Management Services, LLC for a 20-year term. The tenant intends to use the property, including the accessory office space, for its core business operations which consist of manufacturing, reconditioning, warehousing, and distribution of steel drums and plastic totes.