10025 SW Freeman Court
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

Property Name: Tyco Building
Product Type: Industrial
Size: 260,000 sf
Completed: 2001
Role: Developer, Owner, Property Manager

The Tyco Building is an excellent example of Specht’s ability to coordinate the design, construction, and management of complex projects. Specht developed this high-tech manufacturing and headquarters facility for Precision Interconnect, Inc. (a subsidiary of Tyco International). The project totals 260,000 SF and includes 200,000 SF of high-tech manufacturing space and 60,000SF of office. The total project cost was $23.5 million.

The facility was built for manufacturing medical device interconnects to very precise tolerances. This complex manufacturing facility, which involved multiple tiers of subcontractors and consultants, required extensive coordination by Specht in order to meet the aggressive development schedule and guaranteed cost of the project. The project was completed on time and for less than the original budget.