Farwest Steel Hires Specht As Project Manager

December 16, 2009

Vancouver, Washington The development of the Farwest Steel Service Center project is currently underway and is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by early 2012. The design calls for approximately 350,000 SF of manufacturing and distribution space along with an approximately 20,000 SF freestanding office building.

Specht was hired by Farwest to manage all aspects of the project, from site selection through completion of construction. After evaluating several sites in the region, property at the Port of Vancouver USA was ultimately selected. As part of the negotiations for the sale of Port land to Farwest (an action the Port has historically avoided) several long-term commitments related to job-creation and use restrictions were made. Numerous incentive programs, grants, tax credits, and alternative financing mechanisms were explored. The project is anticipated to employ over 200 people in Clark County, at average wages of approximately $40,000, plus benefits.