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Interstate Crossroads Distribution Center

As a developer and project manager, Specht has participated in real estate development projects across the spectrum of product types. Our highly experienced team allows us to effectively take on projects of varying levels of complexity, from multiple-block, multiple building downtown high-rise projects and high-tech manufacturing facilities, to large industrial developments and land developments.

Specht (and its affiliated entities) has been responsible for developing or providing project and construction management on 12 million square feet of commercial and industrial real estate with a cost basis of over $1 billion. Each project is approached as though Specht is the “at risk” developer, regardless of Specht’s role.

One of Specht’s core strengths is our ability to select a project team best suited to each project. We have experience working with a large number of architectural firms, general contractors, and subcontractors in the region and are confident in our ability to select firms that are well suited to each specific project.

Specht has worked in almost every jurisdiction in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area and maintains good working relationships with staff and elected officials in areas we’ve worked (and some we haven’t). With each completed project, our reputation among both our clients and local jurisdictions is strengthened.